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Rhea’s Story

Support the highest standard of long-term care, close to home. For my mother Vera, Thompson House isn’t just a place where she lives. It’s a place that she’s loved. Mummy’s history with Thompson House spans decades. She came to Canada from Trinidad in 1989, joining me here just before my children were born. I’d moved… read more Rhea’s Story

The Better Living Golf Classic is back!

Grab your golf clubs and get ready to #GolfYourWayBetterLiving in support of Better Living Health and Community Services and Better Living at Thompson House! Here’s what you can expect on tournament day: – Date: September 21, 2023 – Location: Mill Run Golf Club, 269 Durham Road 8, Uxbridge, ON L9P 1R1 – Check-in Starts: 7:30AM… read more The Better Living Golf Classic is back!

Destination: Staycation is in support of the Better Living family of organizations, which includes seniors care and support in our long-term care home in the Don Mills and North York communities, programs offered through our location sites, and our residential and community hospice services in York Region. Through Destination: Staycation, our goal is to connect… read more

Noreen and Wally’s Story

It’s about so much more than a meal… It’s been 65 years since I first met my husband at summer camp. We were both working there for the season. I was just 17 years old and Wally was 20. With his red hair and freckles, I thought he was the cutest person I’d ever seen!… read more Noreen and Wally’s Story

Lynn’s story

You can give more families peace of mind… My mother was our family’s rock Raising three kids is no small feat, and even more of a challenge when one child has developmental delays that require additional supports. At a time when people didn’t understand disability well, my mother Katherine was an Occupational Therapist and always… read more Lynn’s story

We Stand Together To Support Ontario Healthcare Workers

Statement from Health Service Providers in Ontario’s Central Region We Stand Together to Support Respect and Safety for Ontario’s Workers Who Provide Care We, as leaders in Ontario’s health-care system, recognize every person has been impacted by the pandemic. We thank them for the sacrifices made over the past two years to protect our health-care… read more We Stand Together To Support Ontario Healthcare Workers

Board of Directors Recruitment

Better Living invites interested individuals to join the Board of Directors of our dynamic organization.   The Boards of Directors are comprised of volunteers from our community who are elected to a 1 year term of office, with multiple terms encouraged.  Although Board experience is an asset, Better Living offers orientation and ongoing training to all… read more Board of Directors Recruitment

Stroll for Seniors

We’re bringing back our in-person Stroll for Seniors this year! After a long break due to the restrictions of COVID-19, we are excited to announce that our annual #Stroll4Seniors will return to an in-person event! The Stroll for Seniors is a community-based fundraising event that brought together the Don Mills and North York communities for… read more Stroll for Seniors


I’m thankful for: a caring community in my senior years. I grew up in Budapest, Hungary and my early years of childhood were as idyllic as anyone could hope for. My parents were good-natured and loving, and my father owned a knitting factory so we were financially comfortable. I grew up with two older sisters… read more Andrews-story

Thompson House HVAC System Upgrade

With support from the Governments of Canada and Ontario, Better Living at Thompson House performed HVAC system renovations that have improved the indoor air quality for staff, residents and visitors. These renovations included: Enhanced air conditioning to all parts of the home, including areas that are cooled by window air conditioners Enhanced operation of the… read more Thompson House HVAC System Upgrade