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My mother was our family’s rock

Raising three kids is no small feat, and even more of a challenge when one child has developmental delays that require additional supports. At a time when people didn’t understand disability well, my mother Katherine was an Occupational Therapist and always ensured my oldest brother Mike was taken care of until her passing in 2021.

Unfortunately, things got even harder for him as our mother aged because she was no longer able to attend to his needs as she had his whole life. Towards the end of our mother’s life, Mike was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, making it impossible for him to continue living with family. We knew he needed more care than we could provide at home – and this made us concerned for his safety and ours.

You see, the community Don Mills is all Mike has ever known. We grew up here. He graduated high school here, played badminton at the church here, and worked in various roles with Goodwill Industries for over thirty years. Moving him from Don Mills to get the care he needed would be a huge disruption to his life, but we knew we needed an option to ensure his ongoing care.

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