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Seniors Month

Stroll for Seniors 2024

The Better Living Community Centre offers a wide variety of programs, seminars, trips, events and workshops that will be sure to engage, delight and excite you!

Health & Wellness – At Better Living, we have a variety of physical activities, seminars, and workshops dedicated to health awareness and overall health maintenance. For your convenience, we also have a fitness level ranking system that varies in low, medium, and high intensities. We understand that each individual may perform at different levels and endeavors to accommodate programming to suit almost everyone, in order to achieve optimal health.

Educational and Self-Enhancement – At Better Living, we champion the opportunity to stimulate minds with a wide assortment of lifelong learning classes and workshops to select from. It’s a chance to enlighten and learn subjects that help develop and preserve your intellect.

Computer & Internet Courses – Get up to speed and join one or all of our computer classes and/ or workshops that will have you keeping up… Or ahead with technology. We boast a diverse set of programs from novice to an advanced curriculum. With choices of either a one day workshop, four weeks or even longer commitment, get a grasp of a computer-related subject and keep up with the times.

Creative Arts – Our creative arts departments introduce Members to fine art ideas, techniques, skills and media; we encourage creations of beautiful or thought-provoking works, e.g. in painting, music, or writing.  At a leisurely pace, and with exceptional Instructors to guide you, expand your ability to transform simple objects, strokes or writing skills into works of art. Discover the inner “Picasso” or “Hallmark” in you

Special Events – Join us for something out of the ordinary! Our Better Living Special Events are unique and will be certain to entertain your senses!  Our monthly themed events are filled with entertainment, fun, food, and the opportunity to socialize and meet new friends, all for a nominal fee!

Day Trips – Interested in seeing the sights, a play, or a visit to a casino? The Better Living Centre offers worry-free, stimulating and fulfilled day trips.   We make all the arrangements, create the itinerary – all you have to do is purchase a ticket and show up the day of the trip.   All trips start and finish at 1 Overland Drive.

Free Seminars – Our monthly FREE seminars are one of the many benefits of being a member. Allow our Seminars to increase your understanding of various topics that focus on health and wellness, helpful resources and maintaining a positive lifestyle.

Workshops – Partake in in-depth learning in a limited time! Our workshops focus on lifelong learning and allow you to strengthen your mind. Sessions vary in topic from computers, brain fitness, history and culture, creative arts and more!

Fitness and Falls Prevention – The Better Living Centre offers FREE specialized Fitness classes for those 65+ that run ongoing and indefinitely. These classes have been developed to help individuals cope with potential falls and include a combination of strength and balance exercises that will help increase general mobility, endurance and balance.

Our Active Living Team has been working hard to curate Virtual Active Living Programs to ensure our current members can stay in touch with their friends and engage in some health and wellness activity during this time.  These programs are currently open to current members and Clients of Better Living. Stay tuned for more exciting workshops!

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