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It’s about so much more than a meal…

It’s been 65 years since I first met my husband at summer camp.

We were both working there for the season. I was just 17 years old and Wally was 20. With his red hair and freckles, I thought he was the cutest person I’d ever seen! I was delighted when he asked me out after we’d returned to Toronto at the end of summer.

Wally and I were married in 1960 and have been blessed with three beautiful daughters, wonderful sons-in-law, and seven grandchildren. Our life together has been an amazing adventure.

We were fortunate enough to buy a house a few years after our wedding and have lived here ever since. Not many people can say they’ve lived in the same house for over 55 years! That’s why I’m so grateful for Better Living’s Meals on Wheels program.

You see, these days Wally and I are both navigating a variety of health challenges. Standing for long periods of time simply isn’t feasible for me anymore and I’m finding it harder and harder to cook our meals, although nutrition is so important to our health. Because of Meals on Wheels, we never have to worry we’ll run out of food or be too tired to prepare something. Meals on Wheels is the reason we have been able to continue living independently in our family home – which feels more important than ever since Wally was diagnosed with dementia a few years ago.

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