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“My introduction to volunteering was that the age of 19. I had just finished university and my parents had been posted to Bombay, India.  Upon arriving there for the first time, my mother took me to a leprosy colony, where she had started volunteering.  She was comforting patients before surgeries, taking them blankets, clothing and medicines.  It was such a moving experience for me.  My mother inspired me to begin volunteering.  Through her I realized the joy in being able to help people. I continue to volunteer as it gives me so much pleasure. I love my time with Better Living, in particular the Adult Day Program.  I love the community spirit in ADP, it is a great place to volunteer. It is like a big happy family. I love interacting with the Clients and I find, with Friendly Visiting particularly, that you become very much a part of the life of the Client and the direct family.  It becomes a comfort for them being able to share things with you, and having someone that cares, and enjoys spending time with them. Now, my son volunteers with me on the weekends, at Meals on Wheels and More.  We have begun to volunteer together in homeless shelters and I love being able to share these amazing moments with him.”