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There is no such thing as a problem, there is only opportunity!

When I moved to Toronto from Montreal in 1966, my employer was involved with United Way and loaned me out as a canvasser to Coca Cola for a month. Then I became a team captain to 15 other canvassers, and one thing leads to another. Then there was the Cub Scout leader thing when my boys were kids. When my wife died in 1994, I started volunteering at Community Information Fairview at the urging of my two sons who said that I wasn’t just going to sit in front of the tv for the rest of my life. I came to Better Living as a member of the computer club and Dena changed my life. Now I am heavily involved with 4 different organizations and realize how lucky I am to meet so many great people.

Of course, I was afraid when I started volunteering, everyone is. My time with Toastmasters, long ago, taught me to work through my fears and gradually the fears become fewer and you get to this place where it is just wonderful. People don’t understand what they are missing by not volunteering. The social, physical and learning aspects of volunteering are just a Godsend. You are never too old, and you never realize how good people really are or the good you can do until you try it. If you don’t like it, don’t do it. Just try it out! The important thing is to find something you love and love doing it. For me, it’s antique cars, working with newcomers, computers, and my time at Better Living. Men can’t seem to socialize. We need to connect and to support each other. We don’t talk to other people and people are becoming so polarized. And, nobody wants responsibility or to make a commitment anymore but volunteering isn’t like work. You have far more flexibility and opportunities. I don’t even know why I do it anymore, it has just become part of who I am now…but, I won’t waste my time on a deal or a sale that can’t be closed.