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In November a team of Better Living volunteers had the unique and powerful opportunity to participate in an international virtual conference focused on innovation and resilience in voluntary action.

Through IAVE (International Association for Volunteer Effort), with sponsorship from the Emirates Foundation, Volunteers UAE hosted a three-day online marathon think-off.   Nearly 300 organizations from more than 80 countries applied to participate.  Better Living was the only North American team chosen to become one of 24 finalists. These teams were divided into three disciplines:  Volunteerism in the Medical Sector; Volunteerism in the Mental Health Sector; and Volunteerism to Support the Vulnerable, with 8 teams competing in our blind challenge.

On the opening day, our team was given the challenge:  “How can we ensure that those in our community who are vulnerable can be supported, reassured, cared for and monitored during a crisis situation when their regular channels of care are unavailable or curtailed?”

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