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With a readership of over 8000 people, My BetterLiving is the perfect magazine for your next advertisement!

Published twice a year, this unique and compelling magazine can present your brand’s message in various designs and sizes that suit your budget.

Who are our readers?

  • 5000 of our readers are consumers that live in and around the Don Mills area.
  • 1500 of our readers are professional contacts that support the work we do
  • 1000 of our readers are loved ones of the Clients we serve
  • 6000 of our readers are 50+ living in the Toronto North East area
  • 1000 of our readers follow us on our Social media pages
  • 700 of our readers are active members of the Better Living Community Centre and participate in various recreational, leisure and fitness classes.

To get a quote or for more information, please contact the Marketing Department at Better Living Health and Community Services: Phone: 416.447.7244 ext. 615 or email: