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You know, a lot of people don’t know what a volunteer is. I grew up in Eritrea where I was very involved with my Church, with young people, in the hospital and the court. Volunteering is my sustenance, the sustenance of life. I came to Canada in November 2014 from Uganda where I had lived for seven years. In 2015 I started ESL at the Overland school and my teacher, Pat Williams-Chung, told me about Better Living. And then a friend of mine said he volunteers in Meals on Wheels and he asked me to try it out. That was two years ago. I love it!

I live with chronic pain and will soon have to have major back surgery, but I don’t want to stop and just remember my pain. I don’t want to live my life as a “sick person”, so I do my best to enjoy my life.

I have met many new people and made new friends through volunteering with Better Living, and have recommended Better Living to many of my friends. Meeting other people from different cultures helps me learn about how people live. I love how my mind develops.

Sometimes I feel sad. Our Clients are not always seniors, and it can be a shock when you see someone bedridden. Then I realize, they have a lot of knowledge and a heart, and still have lots to share.

When you volunteer it is good for your resume, for the mind, for meeting new friends, and it might even lead to finding a job. It certainly doesn’t hurt.  It doesn’t cost you anything, and in the end you gain important Canadian work experience.

When you see someone happy, you just know that inside they feel even better than you can you see on the outside. You don’t have to earn money to feel better about yourself. Whenever you do something for someone else, you get something better in return. A smile is the best “thank you”.