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I have been given so much. I enjoy giving back.

I have been a giving person, in my professional career and in my personal life, so it has been a lifestyle for me. As a consultant for the North York Board of Education, my work was helping teachers and other professionals improve and find new strategies to reach students and solve problems. They seemed to come to me with their personal concerns as well, and I was always happy to listen and support them however I could. In retirement, it seemed natural for me to continue to give. I truly enjoy connecting with others and in building good relationships. I feel I have a great deal of patience and much compassion, and am able to establish trust.

I gain great fulfillment in volunteering:  stretching my mind and enhancing my understanding of life and love. I continue to grow through my commitment to this worthy cause. This work takes me into an extended world. Our Clients can be a forgotten group and thus need others who really care. The staff at Better Living are also great to work with. When I leave a Client after a visit, whether short or long, I feel great! There is such a sense of fulfillment, joy, connection, and community that comes with volunteering. The feedback from Clients and their families seems to say that they value my time too. Truly wonderful for all of us.

What I have to give is ME. My love, my caring and my skills with people.