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I have been a member of Better Living for over 20 years. My first foray was in the computer club and then I joined Tai Chi, and the financial investment group. Eventually, I became the program leader for the financial group and have been doing this for about 3 years now. I worked for my husband’s consulting business, so it helped me a great deal. I am curious and conscientious by nature. I have travelled a lot, and this is by far the best place to live, although it is not right to compare. Now I have osteoarthritis, and travelling has become a bit challenging. I still teach scuba diving but since heart surgery last year, I am restricted as to the depth I can dive.

I never really even knew anyone who volunteered. I guess I really started volunteering in high school with my synchronized swimming club, and that lead to being a health care instructor with the Red Cross and then the scuba instruction. I never really volunteered actually, these jobs came to me. The greatest remuneration is when you see a handicapped person coming out of the water grinning from ear to ear…that is worth billions…it can’t be compared to money. I really don’t want to be useless, or as I often say “I am not Ulysses”. My husband passed 27 years ago, my daughter and two grandsons are grown and I just don’t want to be Ulysses. I have seen too many people retire and just begin to get old and tired. It isn’t easy. This year there have been 17 bereavements in my life, but I value socializing. Idleness is poison to me, it leads to depression and I would much rather seek out the things that make life interesting.