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I’ve always thought of volunteering in general as good thing to do and a good thing to fit into a balanced schedule. I have volunteered in the school classroom, church and various other opportunities over the years. With Better Living, I found that just by passing by the building so regularly, in my neighbourhood, the interest grew with time. I believe that volunteering and helping out is good and necessary whenever we can. It is nice to lend a hand, but volunteering is also an important part of my work-life balance equation. Right now, volunteering needs to be a small part of my life. I wish to integrate some part-time work into my schedule and I have some limitations due to spinal stenosis. By working staggered shifts or alternate days I know I can do a good job serving others in a meaningful way.

Because Better Living is local it just makes sense. I’m volunteering only 5 minutes from home. I know the work I am doing is beneficial and that I am doing something positive for seniors. I was an occupational therapist prior to staying home to raise my kids. Although I don’t necessarily apply this in the dietary work I do, I do feel comfortable in healthcare settings and with seniors-oriented environments. Kitchen work is in the background, but is very important to helping staff and Clients. Having a nice midday meal without a large amount of work setting up or cleaning is pretty special. I really enjoy seeing a group of seniors enjoying themselves. Sometimes it is when there is a guest performer singing or even when a staff member is serving them up a nice lunch after a busy morning of activities. Volunteers really help ease the load.