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My life, starting with having both my kids to dealing with aging parents, has prompted me to volunteer. As a result, my volunteer experiences have been so enhanced by my lived experiences. Once both my kids were in school, I had “free” time and intended on going back to work. However, I was at a point in my life knowing it can’t be all about money and title. I decided, with my time, education, and experiences I am giving back. In 2003, I started volunteering in my community. It was mainly focused on kids as I saw many needs in areas affected by funding cuts (such as music, arts, and sports programs). In 2012, my focus shifted mainly to supporting our seniors in various ways, all thanks to my mom and dad. My parents had very different needs as they aged, but both had good experiences with Better Living. Better Living has become very important to my family and now we all volunteer here.

My son Derek and daughter Katie are very involved at Thompson House and both sometimes helps me with Meals on Wheels. My husband, Tim and I both volunteer with Hospice. We also created a scholarship fund to help our immediate community as a piece of our family’s legacy. There is such need in our community and, unfortunately, very little funding for our aging population. It is a sad reality, but it was so much easier for me to fundraise big bucks for my kids’ school than to raise a few bucks for long term care.

Through my volunteer work now also in Community Outreach, I hope to help bring more awareness to our community of the services Better Living can offer our lovely seniors and those in need of respite, or support due to an accident or illness. I also hope my involvement will motivate and encourage others to volunteer their time. As a result of my experience dealing with aging parents’ contrasting end of life chapters, I value more than ever the kind of support Better Living can provide our community. I am privileged to be a part of this wonderful organization. The interaction with the team and my Clients just lifts my day! I’m not going to lie, at the end of a shift I am tired. Tired and fulfilled, knowing that “I did good” and acted unselfishly.