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ANNE GRANT has donated a lifetime of service and touched thousands of lives.

“I just turned 84 and am older now than many of the residents at Thompson House.  I try to keep as busy as I can.  Volunteering is not a job, it is a joy.  I leave Thompson House feeling so uplifted, and know that the residents are uplifted too.

There has been so much change in 50 years.  Can you imagine 50 years!  I have been blessed to meet and work with so many wonderful people, we have done so much together.  When I began volunteering at Thompson House, we would all just do whatever needed doing.  We were part of an Auxiliary then.  Sometimes I visited residents in the hospital, I went to doctors appointments with them, or shopping.  I used to rearrange flower arrangements that had been donated after funerals, so they wouldn’t look like funeral arrangements.  I did tours of the building for potential residents and their families.  There have been sad times and some scary times (like getting stuck in the elevator), but it has all been worth it.  Actually, I served tea the day the doors opened at Thompson House.

Now I run the horse races on Saturday and do friendly visiting in Thompson House.  It just makes me happy.  I enjoy being with all those lovely people and they enjoy the chance to be with each other.

I am so delighted and proud to be working with young people now.  It is wonderful to see young people stepping up to volunteer, but I worry that there just won’t be enough volunteers to take care of us.

You just never know whose life you are going to touch.  Hard to believe, 50 years!  Thankful that my life has been spared and I can still enjoy sharing time with many friends at Thompson House.”