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We appreciate your willingness to help support our community during this challenging time. Prior to becoming a volunteer we wanted to make you aware of two important things: our screening process, and the precautions we have put in place regarding COVID-19.

Our Screening Process

To help ensure the safety of our Clients, staff and fellow volunteers, all prospective volunteers will go through a screening process that includes:
• Interview
• Reference Checks
• Police Background Check
We have modified our process in order to expedite the placement of new volunteers and you can expect to begin volunteering in approximately 4-5 business days.

Precautions in Place

At Better Living we value the health and safety of all of our volunteers and are aware of the growing concerns around COVID-19. We are following public health guidelines and have put the following precautions in place to help ensure your wellbeing:

Prior to your Shift

• Every morning, a staff member will call you and conduct the screening tool; this helps save us time when you arrive onsite
• Staff will give you a time to arrive and an entrance to arrive to; please help keep our deliveries stay on track by arriving at your scheduled time

During your Shift

• Staff will leave meals/route information in an accessible area
• Staff are available to answer your questions but will be maintaining social distancing
• On delivery:
o Runners must sit in the back seat of the vehicle
o Gloves will be provided and must be worn when delivering meals
o Securely hang the meal on the Client’s door knob, and knock on the door
o When the Client hears you knock, they are asked to respond using their voice and will not open the door
o Please ensure you hear the Client respond and confirm to them that their meal is on the door; if you don’t hear the Client respond please  report this to the Office
o Leave the property and avoid contact

• When you return to the office, one volunteer is being admitted at a time to leave their bags and route sheets at the door and report to the staff at a distance


These temporary measure are being put in place to ensure the ongoing health and well-being of our volunteers and Clients.
We would like to ensure that you are aware that public health has advised people to stay at home and want to reinforce that it is your choice if you wish to volunteer.
Please contact us at 416-447-7244 x635 or to become a volunteer. We appreciate your time and generosity during this challenging situation.