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My name is Madeline. I am 88 years young and until six months ago, was very active. Before COVID-19 arrived, I drove myself to the mall all the time and visited regularly with my daughters and friends. I’m an east coaster with a gift of gab, and love nothing better than good conversation.

When COVID brought a halt to everything “normal”, I was afraid. Even though I am strong and quite healthy for my age, the unknown was very frightening. But, I did what we all did – stayed home as much as possible. The isolation was very difficult to deal with. I tried my best to be positive that things would soon be better.

Then, one misstep resulted in an injury that drastically changed everything.

In May, on my way through the back door of my apartment building, I twisted my back, tearing ligaments in my thigh, also damaging nerves and muscles. I realized that I needed help if I wanted to continue to live independently. Better Living Health and Community Services connected me with a Personal Support Worker (PSW) who visits four times per week, and they also put me in touch with the wonderful Meals on Wheels team who bring hot meals right to my door five days per week.

With the support of community members like you, you enable Better Living to provide programs and services that would not otherwise be available to seniors in our community. Better Living relies on generous donations to cover a portion of the costs, so I hope you will consider sending a special gift today to help them continue to provide important services to seniors like me.

At my age, after having lived such a full and active life, it’s very difficult to need to rely on others to help with the basics of everyday living.

I have never been accustomed to asking others for help. Read the full story.

P.S. There are many seniors like me who need help from time to time and turn to Better Living Health and Community Services for assistance. Please consider sending a gift today.