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At Better Living we want to do everything possible to ensure you receive safe and exceptional service. As the pandemic continues on, clean hands have never mattered more.  Cleaning your own hands and making sure that everyone that interacts with you cleans their hands, is one of the best ways to stop the spread of infections.

Our service providers know to clean their hands by using soap, water or an alcohol based hand sanitizer before and after service. However, sometimes they can forget. You and your family can play an important role in reminding our service providers to clean their hands while they are providing care for you. We encourage you to ask everyone, including doctors, nurses, personal support workers, drivers, social workers, etc., to clean their hands.

Be A Partner In Your Own Care

We want to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other infections. As a partner in your own care, you can help stop the spread by;

  • Learning proper hand hygiene techniques for hand washing with soap and running water
  • Taking the responsibility to clean your own hands or asking for support
  • Submitting feedback on your service providers to let us know if they are washing their hands or using an alcohol based hand rub before and after they provide service to you or your loved one.  You can submit feedback by:
  • Calling 416-447-7244 ext. 705 and leave a message about your experience
  • Downloading and completing the Ask Me If I Cleaned My Hands feedback form and email it to
  • Complete the ‘Ask Me If I Cleaned My Hands

SurveyMonkey QR code to give your feedback


Your active participation in your care or the care of your loved one is important to us and we value your feedback. Our goal is to provide you with safe service. You will see our services providers wearing buttons letting you know that they welcome a reminder and that, It’s OK to ask me if I have cleaned my hands.


Below are some resources on how to clean your hands: