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Connecting Ontario

Our service delivery and resident care teams (i.e. Case Managers, Social Workers, Nurses, Physicians) at Better Living Health and Community Services and Better Living at Thompson House will soon have access to ConnectingOntario, a new online solution that will enable faster, better Client support and Resident care.

ConnectingOntario Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is one of three regional information hubs in Ontario that together are working towards a provincial Electronic Health Record (EHR) for all residents in the province. Provincially, 90+ acute sites and 10 community (CCAC) organizations spanning 11 LHINs are now feeding Client data into the ConnectingOntario Central Data Repository – with more to come in 2016/17. More than 80,000 clinicians in Ontario are now able to access ConnectingOntario to provide enhanced Client and Resident care.

ConnectingOntario Value to Health Service Providers

While other Client information applications exist, none can offer the breadth and depth of information provided by ConnectingOntario. With a mobile population and many Clients who require care outside of their immediate area, ConnectingOntario is now the go-to source for health service providers who need background information on new Residents and Clients or recently stayed in hospital but are not able to provide details about their medical history.

ConnectingOntario Benefits

More accurate picture of a Client’s journey through the health care system

  • More timely access to acute and community Client information
  • Expedited follow-up and support with better access to Client information not available previously
  • Enables more comprehensive service planning and coordinated care
  • Better able to anticipate Client future need

ConnectingOntario Availability

ConnectingOntario will be live at Better Living Health and Community Services and Better Living at Thompson House early February 2017. For more information about this initiative, please contact Emily Hope at