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Our Social Work Services team works with Clients and their Caregivers to ensure that they have the services and supports they require to manage complex or changing needs and age independently at home. They provide assistance by assessing and identifying opportunities for support, advocating for and connecting Clients to community resources, providing counseling, and assisting with the coordination of services. All FREE of charge.

Our Social Work Services team manages all information requests, inquires and referrals for our organization. They are the first point of contact for new Clients and manage all internal referrals for existing Clients who wish to access additional services or require information about other community resources available. You can connect with our team through our Intake Department or by asking the staff that you work most often with about additional programs or services available. Our Social Work Services team will work with you to:

  • Understand your needs
  • Determine eligibility for services
  • Connect you with our services
  • Refer you to the community provider who is best suited to meet your needs
  • Connect you to a Case Manager for further support and assistance

In order to determine how we can best support individuals interested in our services we offer all new Clients or those with changing needs the opportunity to participate in an assessment. The assessment information is used to connect Clients with the services that best fit their needs and to identify other needs that may be addressed. Assessments are completed only with the consent of those we serve and the information collected remains confidential at all times. Clients may be reassessed during the course of service if their needs change significantly or where a standard period of time has passed since the last assessment.

Clients who are using multiple services, have complex or changing needs, or simply want to better understand the community resources available to them often benefit from the support of a Case Manager. Our registered Case Managers are experienced in assisting Clients to identify their goals and needs, have a strong knowledge of available community resources, will advocate for those services, and can provide assistance coordinating services. In addition to meeting practical needs Case Managers also provide counseling and support to Clients who may be facing a new health diagnosis, are recently bereaved, are managing the challenges of care giving, or facing other challenges. Our Case Managers will work with you to develop a plan to address both your practical and personal goals and needs.